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Art & Archaeology

The Compendium of Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints

The Compendium of Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints

Written by Lucie Olivová Feng Jicai ed. ZHONGGUO MUBAN NIAHUA JICHENG. 22+ volumes 冯骥才主编 «中国木版年画集成» Beijing: Zhonghua shuji 中华书局, 2004 – open [The Compendium of Chinese Woodblock New Year Prints] is not the title of a single volume, but of a series compiled and edited by the Feng Jicai Institute of...

Martin Lavicka28 Jan 2015Leave a comment

Editorial Foreword to the ‘Art & Archaeology’ Section by Dr. Olivová

Editorial Foreword to the ‘Art & Archaeology’ Section by Dr. Olivová

In Czech universities, neither the departments of Art History nor the departments of Asian Studies offer regular, or extension courses on Asian Art & Archaeology. Therefore, it is considered to be a high priority to introduce to those interested in this field as well as to incidental readers, the newest book production relevant to the Art...

Martin Lavicka04 Oct 2013Leave a comment


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