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Contemporary China

Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Chinese Whispers: The True Story Behind Britain’s Hidden Army of Labour. Hsiao-Hung Pai. (London: Penguin, 2008). In 2004, on a freezing night in February, 21 Chinese migrant workers (pictured) were caught and drowned by the treacherous tides on the Morecombe Bay cockle beds in north-west England. The tragedy...

Jonathan Sullivan03 Nov 2014Leave a comment

Politicians in the Republic of China

Politicians in the Republic of China

Written by Alex Calvo. Tilman Aretz, Politicians in the Republic of China 中華民國人物百科: Register and Explanations (Taipei, 2014). The advent of the Internet is prompting an intense debate on the future of books and other printed materials. While there are many who claim that the pleasure of reading a novel or history book in paper...

Jonathan Sullivan08 Oct 2014Leave a comment

Queer women in Urban China

Queer women in Urban China

Written by Gareth Shaw. Queer women in Urban China by Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen, is the product of twenty-seven months of ethnographic fieldwork among lala (lesbian) communities in Beijing. Building on the author’s publications on affective ties and relationship strategies amongst lala communities in China’s rapidly-developing capital city,...

Jonathan Sullivan06 Oct 2014Leave a comment

China's Second Continent

China’s Second Continent

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Howard French (2014) China’s Second Continent. New York: Knopf. Who are the Chinese in Africa? Why are they there? What are they doing? What effects are their actions and engagements with local populations having? These are important substantive questions that have somehow flown under the radar despite the...

Jonathan Sullivan14 Aug 2014Leave a comment

Han Han: This Generation

Han Han: This Generation

Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Han, Han (2012). This Generation: Dispatches from China’s Most Popular Blogger. London: Simon & Schuster. It is somewhat disconcerting to read a blogger’s work, post after post, covering a span of several years. Blog posts are usually written in response to something that has just happened and it is the...

Jonathan Sullivan04 Aug 2014Leave a comment

Taiwan's nuclear power problem

Taiwan’s nuclear power problem

Written by Ben Goren. One of the hardest tasks facing any social scientist is to accurately and plausibly explain why certain social movements and issues gain or lose traction with the wider public at particular times and places. Sometimes the answer appears relatively simple; an event so profound that it acts as a catalyst in activating deeply...

Jonathan Sullivan09 Jul 2014Leave a comment

China's influence on Taiwan's media

China’s influence on Taiwan’s media

Written by Ben Goren. Hsu Chien-jung (2014) China’s influence on Taiwan’s media. Asian Survey 54(3): 515-39 Taiwan’s media freedoms are facing a triple threat. Since the early 2000s, China has engaged in a clandestine media war against Taiwan by encouraging pro-China Taiwanese business tycoons to purchase Taiwanese media outlets, by...

Jonathan Sullivan23 Jun 2014Leave a comment

Changing Media, Changing China

Changing Media, Changing China

Written by Jonathan Sullivan Susan Shirk (ed) Changing Media, Changing China (2011: OUP). As the title of this excellent volume suggests, China’s media environment has evolved alongside the many other areas of the economy and society that have changed during the reform era. When the state decided to relax, by stages, it’s iron grip on the...

Jonathan Sullivan17 Jun 2014Leave a comment

The Internet and Taiwan’s New Civic Movement

The Internet and Taiwan’s New Civic Movement

Written by Ben Goren. In “The Internet and Taiwan’s New Civic Movement in the Information Age” (Asiascape: Digital Asia 1-2 (2014) 54-77), Hung Chin-fu examines the role of the internet and information communication technologies (ICT) in enabling the revival of civic movements in Taiwan. He does so using the example of a case of military...

Jonathan Sullivan21 May 2014Leave a comment

Social Organizations and the Authoritarian State in China

Social Organizations and the Authoritarian State in China

Written by Samantha Hoffman. Timothy Hildebrandt, Social Organizations and the Authoritarian State in China. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013). Timothy Hildebrandt’s book on social organizations in China is a thought-provoking assessment of how Chinese NGOs’ adapt to and interact with the state in a complex political and economic...

Jonathan Sullivan21 May 20144 comments

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