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Contemporary China



Written by Jonathan Sullivan. Larry Warsh (Ed.), Weiwei-isms (2013). Princeton University Press. When my copy of this book arrived in the mail I thought there must be some mistake. I was researching a paper on Ai Weiwei’s online activities and assumed it would be similar to Lee Ambrozy’s comprehensive and diligently curated collection of...

Jonathan Sullivan30 Apr 2014Leave a comment

Language Stereotypes in Contemporary Taiwan

Language Stereotypes in Contemporary Taiwan

Written by Ben Goren. Long-term foreign residents of Taiwan who have a certain level of linguistic fluency in the nation’s official language of Mandarin, will likely at some point have found themselves stymied by conversations which are suddenly interspersed with words, idioms, and vernacular derived from some of Taiwan’s other languages. It...

Jonathan Sullivan29 Apr 20142 comments

China's Sacred Commitment

China’s Sacred Commitment

Written by Ben Goren. In a new and illuminating paper published in Foreign Policy Analysis [1], Gregory Moore of Zhejiang University explores why ‘reunification’ of Taiwan is of such importance to the PRC Government and citizens (and perhaps to many ROC nationalists in Taiwan and abroad although this aspect is not discussed in the...

Jonathan Sullivan23 Apr 2014One comment

China’s Fish Soup for the Soul

China’s Fish Soup for the Soul

Written by Julie Yu-Wen Chen. The image above shows recent best-selling books in a book store in China. Although the ranking of best-selling books in this store might not be the same as in others, it is still interesting to see what is appealing to Chinese people’s reading tastes these days. The practice of religion is still monitored and...

Jonathan Sullivan15 Apr 2014Leave a comment

China goes global

China goes global

Written by Niv Horesh David Shambaugh of George Washington University is one of the world’s best known experts on Sino-American relations, the ideological strands of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) anti-Americanism, and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) modernization. His latest book provides a stock-taking of Chinese global power, both hard...

Jonathan Sullivan12 Mar 2014Leave a comment

The China Dream and the China Path

The China Dream and the China Path

Written by Kerry Brown. Zhou Tianyong is one of contemporary China’s finest and most sophisticated economic and political thinkers. A member of the influential, and largely very liberal and open minded, Central Party School in Beijing, he was a co-author of `Fortress Besieged: A Manifesto for Political Reform after the 17th Party Congress’...

Jonathan Sullivan25 Feb 2014One comment

Factory Girls

Factory Girls

Written by Jonathan Sullivan Leslie T. Chang (2008) Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China. New York: Doubleday.     It might seem odd to review a book that was published in 2008, especially one that in the intervening 6 years has received so much attention and so many accolades. Somehow, Leslie T. Chang’s wonderful Factory...

Jonathan Sullivan21 Feb 2014Leave a comment

Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media

Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media

Written by Jonathan Sullivan Michael Keane, Creative Industries in China: Art, Design and Media, Cambridge: Polity Press, 2013.  As Michael Keane puts it in his comprehensive survey of the “creative industries”, the idea that creativity is essential for China’s continuing development is uncontroversial in Chinese intellectual and...

Jonathan Sullivan22 Jan 2014Leave a comment

Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones

Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones

Written by Jonathan Sullivan Cara Wallis, Technomobility in China: Young Migrant Women and Mobile Phones, New York: New York University Press, 2013.  Cara Wallis’ ethnographic study of young migrant women working in Beijing’s restaurants, beauty parlours and markets is an exploration of the cultural, social, aesthetic and economic dimensions...

Jonathan Sullivan10 Jan 2014Leave a comment

Editorial Foreword to the ‘Contemporary China’ Section by Dr. Sullivan

Editorial Foreword to the ‘Contemporary China’ Section by Dr. Sullivan

The contemporary China section of Chinet is a platform for reviews of recent work in fields encompassing all of the social sciences and humanities, in addition to economics and other areas of key importance to furthering our understanding of contemporary developments in China. In addition to single book reviews, this section will feature...

Martin Lavicka05 Dec 2013Leave a comment

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